The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Finding a New Home

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If you’re on the verge of choosing one of the many new homes in Alliston or anywhere else you no doubt have people giving you tons of advice.  With so much unsolicited input, the right course of action is often a little muddled.

Here are a few examples of advice that you should totally disregard.

Don’t worry, I got this

We’ve all got that one friend, hookup or family member that can help us with any handiwork in a pinch.  The problem is relying on them versus an expert.

Of particular importance is the home inspection.  While it can be tempting to have someone you know and trust check things, a professional has experience on their side, focus and most of all, they’re impartial.

There’s another benefit to hiring for the inspection:  second opinions.  If you’re concerned, a second set of eyes may be able to catch something not found during the first pass.

The second expert most often forgotten is the one we hope we don’t have to see often:  a lawyer.

Lawyers are there for clarity’s sake.  In this case, you’ve got a complex agreement that has to be signed off on detailing all the conditions of the sale.  Sure, you could try, but a lawyer can make you actually understand it.

They’re also there to stand up for you.  Lawyers can represent your interests and make sure they’re recorded in an agreement.  Do you want to be responsible for a forgotten backyard leaking underground oil tank?  Get a lawyer on it and you won’t be.

Dollars and sense

The other thing that’s not surprisingly the cause of unwarranted advice is money.  Some people who survive the home buying experience suddenly think they’re Donald Trump and everyone else might as well work on Wall Street.  The thing is, a lot of what usually makes sense in terms of money doesn’t work that way when it comes to closing on a home.

Let’s talk financing for example.  It’s common for all the people offering you their two cents to say that you won’t have to:

  • Spend your own money – There’s a misconception out there that you should just lean on credit, loans and a mortgage.  If you have the money though, why would you want to add a long-term expense and pay interest?
  • Get a mortgage online – Go for a low rate they say.  Too bad hardly anyone qualifies for their super low rates, which often end up being a lure for new customers.
  • 0 Down Mortgage – This doesn’t account for closing, maintenance, fees and any adjustments or repairs.

Get the right advice, right from the start

When you’re sitting there looking at the options for new homes in Alliston or wherever the search leads you, take people’s advice with a grain of salt.  If you go about it with a clear head and hire the experts to help, you won’t regret the investment later.

At Previn Court Homes, we know this decision is an important one, and we strive to create beautiful homes that will provide long term value.  Since our inception over 40 years ago, we have constructed in excess of 1500 homes in Canada, and in the process made the dreams of 1500 families come true.

Take a tour of our incredible models, or contact us today for more to let us know your needs in terms of bathrooms, bedrooms and budget.

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