What You Ought to Know About Upgrading Your Home

For those who have managed to save up some money during the recession and are now ready to upgrade their homes to suit personal preferences, it’s about time to check out some of the trending upgrade options, and make sure that the savings are well-invested. Let’s take a look at some of the home upgrades that go well with almost all types of homes – extensive or compact, contemporary or vintage.

Trending Home Upgrades

Upgrades are the best way to spruce up homes with additional features. However, there’s always bound to be a trade-off between the wish-list and the budget. Being aware of the options available and making an informed decision will certainly make the process more enjoyable and pocket friendly.
Upgrade and remodeling trends this year include some evergreen options, plus new designs that cater to changing lifestyles.

Revamped Kitchen Spaces

Kitchen upgrades are all-time favorites and never quite go out of fashion. Islands, floating shelves, custom cabinets, extra-tall storage spaces, cabinet and counter-top lighting, premium hinges, joinery, soft close cabinets and drawers, metallic finishes, stainless steel cook tops and ranges are just a few ways in which the kitchen can be upgraded.
New homes, however, can be designed to maintain bar and counter-tops at the same level. Exotic granites, marble, quartz and metal counter-tops are highly favored.

Open Floor Plans

Homes, both small and large, are being upgraded to open floor patterns to enhance the spaciousness. Merging kitchen, dining and living spaces, and demarcating areas with functional pieces of furniture is now very popular.

Wooden Flooring

Wood adds a touch of class and warmth to a home and has an impeccable visual appeal, especially in open floor plans. Easy maintenance and durability are also other benefits that come with wooden floors.

Separate Tiled Showers

Bathtubs are slowly becoming history, except for standalone pieces in large bathrooms. High-tech plumbing fixtures are very much in vogue. Showers now have a special appeal and exclusive tiled space with a glass door!
Homeowners are free to experiment with an assortment of vintage and contemporary designs to create a personalized décor. Antique light fixtures and furniture can be matched with existing home décor to still fall in line with the upgrade trends.

Points to Keep in Mind

• It is important to realize that not all upgrades are expensive
• Home upgrades, though intended to enhance the visual appeal and functional ease of any given space, should be suitable for the entire family.
Upgrading a home is not as easy as it sounds. It requires meticulous planning and attention to detail. Once you’ve made the decision to upgrade your home, you should hire a contractor to get the job done.

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