Times Are Changing

This release of data from the NHS completes the initial release of all information from the 2011 Census program that includes the Census itself as well as the National Household Survey. But Statistics Canada may publish more data and analysis based on the initial release. Overall, the new data showed Canada continuing to increase in population size, with growth concentrated in the larger urban areas that attracted high rates of immigrants. At the same time, parts of rural and small-town Canada are experiencing population declines.

The data also painted a picture of diversity in Canada. Households and families are more diverse than ever, and cultural diversity continues to increase in large urban areas. Canadians are more educated than ever, with younger women leading the way. In addition, women are steadily becoming the majority in many professional occupations. Although income increases have been higher for women than for men, overall women still earn only 85% of what men earn.

In the years ahead, Canada’s population is likely to continue to increase in size, with the largest segment consisting of older Canadians. In a few decades, nearly one in four Canadians will be over the age of 65 as the large Boomer cohort moves into their sixties, seventies and eighties. Clearly, this population group is different than today’s seniors, and businesses and other organizations in society will need to adjust their focus in order to meet their needs. In addition, an equally large cohort of Millennials will be moving into their forties and fifties, no doubt with values and aspirations that differ from the Boomers—and perhaps requiring a different focus by marketers and businesses. It seems clear that it will be more important than ever in tracking and understanding the many segments that make up Canadian society. Marketers, take note.

We’ve also noticed an increase in multi generations under one house hold and this is not a trend and it is not designated to just one or two cultures it is a new way of life or the life it used to be.

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