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If You Don’t Reserve this Home Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

sadOver the years, we’ve built many different homes – but one thing we’ve heard over and over from buyers is that they wished they could have reserved a home when they first saw it. What’s going on here, and why are reservations so important?

Location, Location, Location

No two houses in Alliston are perfectly identical. Trust us on this one – we build the things. The simple truth of the matter is that even homes with identical floor plans can have very different feels if they’re placed in a different area. Imagine, if you will, a house placed majestically atop a hill, looking over a sea of roofs and down towards the town. That’s a nice view, isn’t it? Now imagine yourself being the owner of a home just behind that house, with the same floor plan but none of the view. Location matters, and houses with good locations tend to be snapped up faster than any others.

The Rising Costs of Homes

Did you know that simply having other inhabited homes surrounding yours can affect the value of the land and the final price of the house? It’s true! There are many factors that affect the prices of the homes in Alliston we sell, and prices tend to go up as the neighborhood improves. Our gorgeous homes are already designed to attract affluent owners, and the competition can get surprisingly fierce when people realize that there are only so many luxurious homes left – particularly when they’re running low on those good locations.

The Innovative Design Process

We’re the first to admit that we change things all the time. As a hands-on builder and developer, we have the freedom to implement creative new ideas and styles when constructing homes… but it’s also true that some people prefer our older methods. After all, if nobody liked a design choice, we’d never have adopted it in the first place! Elements like our nine-foot ceilings aren’t likely to change anytime soon, but other home design choices can certainly be modified… and if you wait too long to reserve a home, then you could lose a feature you wanted to have. Custom installations and revisions are always possible, of course, but you can expect this to be more expensive (and more time-consuming) to do.

Getting a Reservation

Okay, so you know that holding off on your reservation is bad… but how do you actually go about getting one? The first thing you should do is check out our Financing.

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