Why Your New House Can Actually Cost Less

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Moving in to a new home in Alliston or anywhere else is a big step when worrying about costs but most people aren’t aware at just how much you can save.  Even though your home is fresh off the press, if you look past initial costs you’ll be spending a lot less.

Wear and Tear

The first way a new home will cost you a lot less than an older one is by not having the constant need to fix things.  After all, it is new.  A lot of the time, despite meticulous home inspections, older homes will need a lot of work before you can move in.

Maintenance costs can come at you from all angles in an older place.  From replacing a carpet to getting newer appliances, a lot of components of the home can be at varying stages of decay.  The roof, plumbing, even the foundation are all likely to need work.

This can all add up to thousands of dollars pretty quickly but it doesn’t even touch on how much it will cost making the home energy efficient.

Springing leaks

Your furnace and air conditioning has to work harder if your home is leaking air.  How energy efficient it is depends on whether it has had expensive adjustments made.  Of course with new homes, this isn’t as much of a problem.

Homeowners have caught on and new homes are built according to the latest building codes.  This means your energy bill is a lot lower and in some cases, old homes have maintenance costs almost double that of new homes!

Keeping HVAC filters fresh month-to-month and making sure windows are in a good state in your new home is a lot less expensive than getting the whole place up to standard.  Some homebuilders have taken it a step further though, designing the building itself to naturally store and produce energy.

Elegant Design

One of the greatest advantages of buying a new home is having a hand in the layout.  As more and more homeowners crave low energy costs, homes are being built to store energy in new and ingenious ways.

Things like placing the home to take advantage of passive solar gain, using the latest thermal insulation and airtight windows mean the need for a heater or cooling drops drastically.

Living half the year in the cold means that heating can really get expensive.  Luckily advances in building materials mean that you can save as much as 75% on heating and energy, it’s just up to you to look.

Homebuilders are more and more eager to do what they can to assure you, the buyer, close on the home and are comfortable.  You can’t really get this kind of customization in an old home without spending a fortune.

So while the initial cost of new homes in Alliston or elsewhere is often held against them, in the end it’ll cost you a lot less to live in one.

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