Best Homes for New Families in Alliston

Building or buying a new home involves making several decisions and carefully considering a variety of factors throughout the process. Finding or designing the best homes for new families can be a challenge, as each family’s needs are different. With the right knowledge and the right professional relationships, though, choosing a home for your family does not have to be a daunting task.

Features of a Family-Friendly Home

Before deciding upon a house design, it is important to consider two things: (1) the specific needs and preferences of your family, and (2) features that will assist in the future selling of the house. When people build a house, they usually plan to stay there forever; however, no one knows what the future holds.
The number of bedrooms is obviously a huge consideration. A minimum of three to four bedrooms is typically best for a family of 4 or 5. At least two full bathrooms is a necessity two and a half or even three full bathrooms is often preferred. Some of the most popular homes have a guest bathroom on the first floor, a second bathroom on the next floor, and a private bathroom adjoining the master bedroom. Another good idea is to have not one living room, but two. One can be used as a formal living room for guests, and the other can be used as a more informal den where the kids can play with their toys and not worry about spilling juice on the nice furniture. It is also a good idea to have a kitchen with plenty of storage and counter space that is not cramped; as children grow they will want to help make goodies and they will need plenty of room.
A fenced backyard is a popular choice for parents who prefer privacy. Children and adults alike can enjoy a pool, but it is vital to study the cost and the amount of time that will be spent in cleaning and maintenance.

Family Homes and Surrounding Neighborhoods

Finding the right area of town to live in is an important factor when choosing a house. Look at the community resources nearby. Ask yourself the following questions:
• Is there a recreational center? A library? A health department or hospital?
• Is the neighborhood safe to walk the dogs at night?
• What are the local schools like? How do they compare nationally in safety and curriculum?
• What are the neighbors like? Do they have children of similar ages?
• Is there a homeowner’s association?
• Is the property likely to appreciate or depreciate in value?

Choosing the Right Professionals

Whether you are buying or building, it pays to work with the right people. When choosing a property, let a successful, local realtor help you find the perfect spot. Once you are ready to build, choose a well-respected construction company. Previn Court Homes have been in business for thirty-five years, and they have been building quality homes from the beginning. They will help you design the perfect home for you and your family.

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