Why You Need a Home with a Yard

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Many homeowners dream of having a yard of their own. There are many benefits to having and maintaining a yard with your house, that are both private and public. Although a yard can be aesthetically pleasing, they also come with a few other upsides that often get glossed over or forgotten:

If You Have Kids

The first, and most obvious, is play. If you have kids, yards are a great way to let them play outside safely. Rather than having to pack and unpack for a trip to the park, you can leave your kids outside in the yard with their own toys and under your supervision.

Similarly, if you have a dog, taking him or her for a walk can be awkward depending on your schedule, but a yard could cut down on walktime without cutting down on playtime. They can also be educational, teaching children about the seasons and about growing vegetables and other edibles. Gardens provide people an important opportunity to maintain their cultural heritage through growing plants that are important in their culture’s food or rituals.

Going “Green”

Several psychological studies have found that exposure to green plants has a positive effect on stress levels, especially in urban areas. They allow the mind to rest, something we rarely get to do today. In the American Journal of Community Psychology, researchers Brogan and James write that plants contribute substantially to psychosocial health.

The second is both aesthetic and financial. Depending on what you plant in your yard, it could affect the value of your home. For example, planting a tree could have a massively positive effect on your home across the board. In a study carried out by Indiana’s Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service, a healthy 15 ¾-foot-wide silver maple could add two and a half thousand dollars to the value of your house.

According to a 2010 Forest Service study in Portland, trees added an average of nearly nine thousand dollars to a sale price, and reduced the time on the market by two days. They also remove dirt, smoke and other pollutants from the air, improving air quality so you can enjoy your garden.

Trees will also cut down on heat retention, enhance night-time cool downs and improve water conservation, allowing you to reduce your water bill and keep your garden beautiful. They also disperse water vapour through transpiration, lowering heat and supporting plants.

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