6 Things You Can Only Get with a New Home

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If you’re looking at Alliston homes for sale or got property on the mind, you’re no doubt asking yourself the age-old question:  Do I buy new or used?  Both options have been argued ‘till the cows come home but there are some things you just can’t get unless you go for a place that’s new and shiny.

1.  It’s Easier

A used home doesn’t have to be a real fixer-upper for it to need some work.  The fact is, older homes are decaying.  The building materials could be nearing the end of their lifespan and may need serious repairs.

This goes for wood and ceilings which often need work.  New homes don’t have this problem.  In new homes, things like flooring, carpeting and trim don’t need replacing.

2. More Comfort!

There’s something called the ‘building envelope’.  This is the combination of insulation, windows, materials and seals that keep conditioned air inside and it plays a huge role in how energy efficient your home is.

Newer homes are built to newer code and have to be far more efficient than was the standard before.  The materials and construction of your new home will no doubt make for a comfier space.

3.  It’s Safer

Newer homes really focus on safety with features like:

  • Hard-wired smoke detectors with backup batteries
  • Circuit protectors
  • Safety glass
  • Fire retardant flooring/carpeting
  • Hazardous areas like stairs designed according to the latest building code

4.  Get It Your Way

One huge advantage of buying a new home is getting the chance to tweak it.  A lot of homebuilders will allow you to decide on layout, colours and even the location if they have various lots!

Short of building it yourself, this is as much freedom as you’re going to get.  In an old home you’d be looking at an expensive renovation.  Speaking of money…

5.  Avoid Breaking the Bank

Let’s talk financial latitude.  Homebuilders do a lot to make sure you close on the sale like offering flexible financing.   Besides mortgage perks and other incentives, there’s the wiggle room.

You’re less likely to convince someone who’s lived in a house for years that it’s worth less than they think it is.  Big homebuilders are less concerned with making a few concessions and dropping the price by thousands because they don’t take as hard a hit.

6.  Peace of Mind

It’s hard to put a price on knowing that you’re making a safe investment.  Quality is always a concern with an old home and no matter how good the home inspection looks there are some issues that are almost guaranteed to come out of thin air.

Ready to Move into Your New Home?

When it comes to the best return on your investment, buying a brand new home is going to ensure that you end up with an entity that will have increased value in the future.  At Previn Court Homes, we know that home buyers are looking for a residence that will make them feel both physically and financially comfortable.  Learn more about our beautiful affordable new homes to buy, or contact us to register for priority updates and special offers, and find the perfect home for your budget.

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