6 Things to Hate About Condo Living

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For many years, condos were offered as the ideal home. With advertising all over the city, it’s easy to see why many people agreed, but times are changing. People are beginning to see the numerous issues faced by those who live in condos.


Condos are small. For a single, they may have a decent amount of space, but for a family, there is rarely, if ever, enough space. In 2013, the average size for new condo units was about 739 square feet, 1.6% lower than 2012’s average. For comparison, the average size of a new unit in 2010 was 797 square feet and in 2009 it was 816 square feet. A decade ago, the average size was 1,006 square feet. Condo’s are steadily getting smaller, as developers continue trying to cram as many people as possible into as small of an area as possible.


As the condos continue to shrink, privacy is one of the first things you’ll lose. Everyone has a horror story about a nightmare neighbour who plays music too loud, or has dogs, or is just messy. But you shouldn’t have to live like that. If a neighbour chooses to let their property fall into disrepair or impact on your private space , that’s their own decision, but if it is negatively impacting on your home and privacy, then it’s no longer a matter between a  lessor and a tenant, but between you and them. Condo living exacerbates this.


Many condos are advertised as coming with gyms, pools and other amenities, and costs are usually included in rent. The downside is, if you do not or cannot use these amenities, you are still paying for them, and you cannot avoid these payments. As a result, your rent could be artificially inflated by something you are not in control of and may not even want.


Gardens can be beautiful, and many homeowners dream of having their own garden. This can be quite difficult to do in a condo. Sure, you can scatter a few plants around your condo to add some life and colour to proceedings, or have window boxes installed, but this is limited. Even if your condo does come with a garden or a green area, it is controlled by your lessor. You have no say in how it looks.


Most condos in a building are cookie cutters, they look the same regardless of floor or number. Although you can change the furniture or the interior, you can’t change it too much. When you enter and when you leave, the condo itself will remain the same. You cannot install a new living area, or make any changes you would prefer. By owning your own house, you can do whatever you want with it.

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