5 Reasons Why Toronto Residents are Flocking to Alliston

flockingLately, there has been a tremendous increase in the movement of residents who have been dwelling in Toronto shifting to Allison. Allison is a popular settlement located within Simcoe County in Canada. It is also a home to the annual potato festival, which celebrates the area major cash crop coupled with the picturesque Riverdale Park to the North and PPG Park to the South of Boyne River.

The Economy, What the Town has to Offer:

The town has a lot to offer to its residents. The town has a population of about fifteen thousand people. This small population gives new comers a warm homely welcome, a sense of closeness, community or one can actually say a sense of belonging to a large family. The town is also a home to about 4500 workers who work at the Honda manufacturing plants.

It is also a home to many thriving businesses, among them the major Canadian Pacific Railway and also it has its own electric company which was merged with Ontario Hydro. The town also has two beautiful parks , The Riverdale and The PPG Park. The Riverdale Park runs along the Boyne river and is to the North of the town.

Real Estate Settlements

Lately, the blooming and expansion of real estate homes has attracted many people from Toronto to Allison. There are also old homes that are up for sale in Allison which gives the new comers diversity as they can choose whether to buy a modern home or an old one with a historical background. The new homes are luxurious town homes and they are going for a affordable prices as compared to their counterparts in Toronto town. The new homes that are coming up offer a very convenient way of living. They have in place all social amenities available within the same estate.

Estate like Victorian village has an Amenities Galore:

  • It has schools, hospitals, restaurants, shopping malls, home hard wares, barbs clothes closet all at a walking distance.
  • It also opens to Earl Rowe Provincial Park, where you can camp or go swimming. It also boasts a man made beach, a one acre pool for canoe picnic.
  • It also boasts beautiful Gibson hills, The Tecumseh recreation centre which has two indoor arenas, indoor soccer pitch, fitness facility and a walking track.

This friendly convenient neighborhood has attracted many people from Toronto to Allison. This is not the only venture of its kind in the place. There are many others like it. This is not the only thing that has attracted many people from Toronto.

One of the major concerns with young families is quality of Education for their children. The schools in Allison have a very favorable reputation and have been known for providing exemplary education to its beneficiaries. They have a wide range of schools from Pre-schools to public elementary schools, high schools and Union public school.

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