Alliston’s Hidden Gem

Most of our buyers are from the south. Why?  Our Price and Superior Location with schools, trails and amenities just steps away. Plus, we are the only builder that offers Brick and Stone consistently throughout  our subdivision.  Our buyers come to shop in our boutique style Victorian Village site, because we are unique. That is the key difference.  We stay away from that typical ‘cookie cutter’ subdivision look.  We are an elegant looking community.  One just has to drive through to see the unbelievable difference.

With Alliston being the next ‘it’ place to live, with lower prices and country feel community we expect to see more and more families from the south.  Some escaping the crazy prices, some escaping the crazy life style that they don’t want their children exposed to.  With Toronto being about an hour commute, Brampton about 45 minutes, Bolton 30 minutes for work, it really is a no brainer.  I would rather commute and raise my children in smaller, friendly, laid back neighbourhood  than a hostile, toxic environment.  What wouldn’t we do for our kids. After all, they are our little loves of our lives.

I have lived up this way since 1996.  I remember first living here, thinking, where am I going to shop?  I need a mall! Help!  As time went on, the mall trips became less frequent, I have it down to maybe once a year, even then I resent that I have to go.  I have discovered local shopping.  I have also discovered a lot of quaint towns within about 50 km radius, where I won’t find the same thing I would find in a mall, plus the different restaurants instead of the boring chain restaurants.  I like to make a day of it.  Walk a lovely down town, stop for a locally brewed coffee, with perhaps a pastry.  Continue on my shopping trek, stop at quaint restaurant for lunch and back out I go. My friends love coming for a visit and we venture out for the day like this.  Everyone becomes in different state of mind, calm.

With our Victorian Village site, I am encountering more and more purchasers who are feeling the same way, and are following  what I had discovered.  They are also now saying they can’t imagine living any where else.  The only regret they have, is not moving here sooner!

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